Digital Magic by Filmmakers

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Don't believe anything.
You are being cheated here.

Metal, water, fire and clouds - more realistic than in life

3D models and materials

If you see a very high-quality thing on the cinema screen, you must be sure that it was made in a 3D editor.

Rigs, weights and motion

Actresses and actors are not work in all their scenes. Because they are replaced by 3D models. Actors and actresses play big roles in scenes where there are big camera plans.


An operator can make a million bad shots without thinking about the future. Because in the future, all bad frames will look good after color correction.


Layers and appliqu├ęs are the favorite tools for modern filmmakers. They need just one photo of desert for falsification another planet with a giant city, autos, rockets and evil humanoids.

Clouds, fire, smoke, explosive

Explosive fire or giant ocean wave for sweet horror. Or for romantic love. Or for: "Let's leave here immediately!"

Landscape and environment

We want to preserve the nature of our planet for posterity. Therefore, we often use artificial natural backgrounds and scenes in the film production.