FlOz20 Project Team

This is a group of real individualists
who together create interesting movies.

Who We Are in Details


If you are a professional,
you want to come here and
make films with us - welcome!

Margarita Pronina

The main female character of the series "IOXILON Rising"

An actress and a fashion model. When Magicus Art Studio was making teaser of the video game "IOXILON Freedom Riders", she finishing lerningin in an university and had interesting roles in theatre' projects. Now Magicus Art Ltd has a long-term contract with her.

Sergei Mikhailov

Author of the project idea. 3D and VFX developer. Performed the role of the Wild Martian shooter in the short film "Romance of Destruction".

He knows how to generate ideas and completely crazy ways to implement them. For example, he wrote this text about him himself.

Alice Eifman

Performer of the leading role in the short film "Romance of Destruction".

Here's what she says about herself: “I'm an actress. At least I like to think so. So I make funny videos for Instagram. Just for free creativity and nothing more. And I will be glad to know your assessment of my work in this film”.

Valery Bezhevets

Composer, arranger and sound designer.

Graduate of the Kiev University of Culture. Musical maniac and fanatic, very dependent on all kinds of sounds. Author of a lot of music for various video productions.

Alexander Popkov

Cameraman of the movie "Romance of Destruction". He worked there in scenes with a Wild Martian shooter.

A big fan of horror stories and dark legends.

Green Cat

The author of the theme of ​​the music track for the short film "Romance of Destruction".

Sound Director of the short film "Romance of Destruction". Rock man.