Project in Progress

Some pictures, some text - only for very small advertising

About the workflow for movies and trailers



We can tell everything,
but who will watch it then?

These are not the final versions.
Working materials only.

During this time, our studio received 90% of the materials for the first demonstration of our ideas for the Forbidden Movies project.

All Projects. March - July 2023.

We have started using our old image collection for the new promotional scenes.

Forbidden Movies. March 2023.

To solve some technical problems, we started using a new experimental pipeline.

Forbidden Movies. January 2023

We did some casting tests for the Forbidden Movies project and got very interesting results.

Forbidden Movies. December 2022

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Dark side of the Moon


We are not talking about where we are moving.


We do not know what we will do next time and what our plan will be.


We do not know who will become our hero for the next film. Therefore, we conduct casting at the last minute.


In the future, all this will not be better than now. And we are not sorry.