We have a longest and very interesting story here It is "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Snows of Kilimanjaro " under one cover

FlOz20 - Fairytales
of the Future

- From April 2020 -

From the Universe
to the Universe

From our era to other eras.
With a dream.

And with a little help from VFX too.

Rock Around Digital Art


We write unrealistic and illogical stories. Because these stories are very realistic and very logical. And they have a lot of love. Strange stories are always associated with the voice of rock'n'roll and the smell of the south wind.


If we don't have environments, objects and people for stories from the future, we create them in 3D editors. And in the VFX editors. And in collaboration with other digital technologies. Because we are digital wizards and our job is digital magic.

What we do Every Day

- Firstly

We create environments for our films. Nature panoramas plus panoramas from 3D editors. And we make renders for these synthetic scenes, of course


- Secondly

We create 3D models, materials and textures. And other 3D stuff for modern cinematic technology


- Thirdly

We create persons out of ten packs of french fries and six gallons of coffee


How It Was Beginning


The author of the project and the first member of the project team met in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic on the net.


The author spoke about his idea without many details. There were only two details - the project started and now has no funding.


The atmosphere of the project became excellent - as the atmosphere of a mountain park in summer. The sun shone in the sky.


This is all now. To be continued....

If We Meet Here Next Time


You will find information about where you can see our films and trailers.


You can find out how to donate to our project.


You will be able learn how to make films without money.


And many more...